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NYFW Highlights

NYFW Highlights

It's that time again. A new fashion month is in full swing, and everyone is looking to see what we will be wearing the next fall. It's an exciting time, when all the fashion insiders gather in one place. It feels like the whole world is talking fashion. Honestly, does it get better? It's times like this that I feel most inspired and motivated, surrounded by so many amazing creations. A while back, fashion week was an insiders only event, but in our digital age of social media, online magazines and blogs, people all over the globe, just like myself, can take a part in all the fun. But besides all the glamour, fashion month can get a little overwhelming and quite chaotic, so I decided to round up my favorite looks and shows into one post - NYFW "best moments" kind of thing.

In light of recent events, such as the #METOO and #TIMESUP campaigns, there is a new feeling over shadowing all of the shows. As women all over the world are going into battle, the fashion industry does, too. Designers were most definitely inspired by all the news that are roaming around. They gave women what they want, and need - clothes to make them look (and feel) powerful. We are ready to fight. 

The Sweatshirt


If there is something fun about fashion, its that its ever changing. Especially in modern times, where rules are much less strict and often optional. What used to be a big no-no, can now be the hottest trend. Once upon a time, wearing black and navy together was absolutely forbidden, while today, you can do so without thinking twice. See what I mean? That is the story of the sweatshirt glow-up. What was once that piece in your closet that you had forever and only wore at home or to walk the dog - is becoming the trendiest item in your closet. Some of the designers that were on top of this trend this season - Self Portrait, Alexander Wang, See by Chloe and Jonathan Simkhai. Click to see their full collections.

The Power Suit


Nothing says power more than a suit. Or at least, that's what most designers think as it was one of the most seen pieces on the runway. Personally, I agree (love me a good suit). Models walked the catwalk much more covered than usual, and the few more bare looks felt a little out of place and frankly, not needed. Marc Jacobs took it one step further with XL suits that came in a large color range, big hats and scarves. The models were almost unrecognizable, which gave a very mysterious, unique vibe to the show. Suits are now as norm for women as they are for men (we have Hillary to thank for that..?) and I'm all for it. 
Other collections featured: Tibi, Jonathan Simkhai, Matthew Adams Dolan, The Row, Victoria Beckham. 

For The Maximilist


We already established that this season is all about the tailored. But it was most noticeable when even the more vintage-inspired and boho-style brands came out with significantly more structured collections. Whether that was Zimmerman, with a collection obviously inspired by horse riding clothes (a theme that is as structured as its boho - very good choice), or Tory Burch, with a runway show that was presented between many, many pink flowers which gave a pleasent, romantic vibe. It felt like the much needed break from all the tougher vibes presented at NYFW. With my style, I tend to be quite minimalistic and usually not drawn to patterns, but they just did it right. Patterns can be powerful, too! 
Also shown: Brock collection, with a beautiful, very vintage-inspired collection.
Also did it right (and not shown): Rachel Antonoff

Other Collections That Deserve A Mention


Best silhouettes.


For the most stunning fabric manipulation.


Strong & masculine. A brand to watch. 


Making 1920's Japan into western modern day wear. 


Less romantic, more structured. 


Fascinating textures and fabric combinations. 


For the most interesting hem.

I hoped you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think - should I do more fashion week reviews? 

I do not own any of the images shown in this post. All images are taken from Vogue Runway and belong to their rightful owners.

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