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NYFW s/s 19

NYFW s/s 19

I must say, I LOVED NYFW this season. Maybe it was the fact that everything had this really laid back,  not trying vibe. Maybe it was because the clothes got more oversize, more both-gender-appropriate. Maybe it’s because I started school again and FW was a much wanted inspirational escape. Maybe it’s all together. Anyhow, it was a great one. Keep scrolling for the biggest trends, my favorite looks and the best runway shows of the week;

Patterns. Lots Of Them 

If there was something the designers loved adding to their shows this season, it’s patterns. And they styled them together, as well. Mixing patterns can seem intimidating at first, but it can quite simple to wear and impactful, if done well. Even Han Chong, the master mind behind the beloved label Self Portrait, joined in on the fun. Self Portrait is known for their incredible detailed lace, but this season, it came alongside some pretty cool patterns.

 Throw Your Stilettos - Flats Are In

 One of the things that stood out the most on the runways was high heels, or shall I say, the absence of them. Oscar De La Renta even paired his evening gowns with flats. Almost every show had some sort of flats involved - mostly in the form of sandals and, to my horror, flip flops. I have no problem with flats - they’re practical, comfortable but can still be chic and have a statement. But when it comes to flip flops, DON’T GET ME STARTED. I just hate seeing people wearing them. They. Are. Not. Shoes. They are a piece of rubber that for some mysterious reason everyone in Israel think it’s socially acceptable to wear in public. It’s so not. I was all about the ugly dad sneakers trend, but, can we let the flip flops go? 

Big, Bigger, Better  

another thing that was very present was the lack of tight skin dresses and sexy minis. Models were more covered up, but in the best way possible. The clothes were relaxed, and a lot of them were oversize and gender fluid, yet it all kept this kind of modern femininity. Fashion is going towards a place where clothes are no longer classified by gender - like in the Tibi show, where male models participated, not because she was launching men’s wear, but simply because her clothes are already being worn by men daily. 

Regardless of  trends, here are my favorite shows of NYFW:


Dion Lee


Jonathan Simkhai


Hope you enjoyed this NYFW roundup! Come back for London, Millan, and Paris roundups as well. Follow me on Instagram to make sure you don’t miss it.

LFW s/s 19

LFW s/s 19

Talking Oversize

Talking Oversize