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MFW s/s 19

MFW s/s 19

To me, Milan fashion week was a little bit of a let down. Milan is associated to the more sexy, bold, daring side of fashion. At least in my mind. 100% Italian goodness. It was not the case with this week, however. A lot of it felt a little off - too ordinary, too day-to-day, too, dare I say, boring? I am well aware these are ready-to-wear shows. And yet, there is a sparkle that must be maintained. There were a few shows that saved the day, and I’m going to concentrate on them. Positive thinking, right?  

Biker Shorts   

If ugly dad sneakers weren’t your thing, here’s another street style influenced trend to indulge in - and If you’re not new to spinning, you might already have it in your closet. The above the knee length is currently seen in many types of pants - but the most common is definitely the leggings. My thoughts? It’s cool and fun, but you won’t see me rocking them any time soon. It’s not exactly the most flattering, and it puts all attention on the thighs. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that. I’ll leave this one to the models, thank you.  

Belt Bags 

In my LFW post I talked about the rising of big bags. The result of that is the less frequent appearance of mini bags. They’re not gone, though. Now, they simply come attached to your belt. Pretty ideal for those between us that don’t carry much. It’s your grandfather’s fanny pack glamorized. 

My favorite shows of MFW are; 





 Roberto Cavalli








 Max Mara


PFW S/S 19

PFW S/S 19

LFW s/s 19

LFW s/s 19