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Fresh For Summer

Fresh For Summer

I can't even begin to tell you how good it felt to pull out my camera and play photographer again. Last time I posted a photography post was a long time ago, and it kinda made me go crazy. But, summer is here, and as our schedules begin to clear, the need to pick up the camera gets stronger. speaking of summer, it played a big part in my inspiration for this shoot - I wanted something fruity, yet clean, and, well, fresh.


The location was this gorgoeus vegetable store right near my house (convinient). It gave the photos colorfulness that I usually stay away from, but found really appealing this time of year. Of course, me being me, the end result had an impressive amount of B&W portraits, as well as pictures taken outside the store (where the backdrop was quieter). I guess aesthtic preferences don't change very easily..


Makeup was kept clean and simple, but as far as styling goes, I wanted a certain "wow" factor. I wanted the model to look out of place, out of the ordinary. I believe that at least most people won't go grocery shopping in that dress - That is exactly the point! I'm constantly intirgued by the idea of putting opposite things together, and seeing how they mix. I paired the dress with a pair of VANS to dress the look down a little, make it cooler, more youthful.


Photograpy - Lia Schon (me)

Makeup - Lia Schon (me)

Dress- Shani Zimmerman 

Model- Eden Dror

Men's Wear, Women's Wear

Men's Wear, Women's Wear